The most intensely contested and significant naval engagement of the First World War took place 100 years ago in the grey misty waters of the North Sea, near the coast of Denmark.


The battle of Jutland, fought between the Royal Navy and the German Navy's High Sea Fleet, was the largest, and last, of the great battleship battles. the fierce exchanges between capital ships during the encounter has been well documented, less so the role played by the smaller destroyers, and the officers and ratings who manned them.


Unseen eye witness material from those who experienced this historic battle is rare, but author Pat Avery has recently discovered the dairies of his grandfather, a telegraphist serving in the torpedo boat destroyer 'HMS Ambuscade', providing a compelling insight into events as they unfold.


'HMS Ambuscade' was at the very heart of the night fighting, which culminated in a brutal clash with the retreating German battles cruisers shortly before midnight on 31st May 1916.